Future Blurry, numb, confused. With a few painful blinks, reality is formed. I am entombed by cold steel… I, who am I. ‘Ben’ comes to mind but not a memory more. A thawing pane of thick glass allows muffled light to struggle through. The cold, metal surface in front of me floats open with a […]

Proceeding the bridge to the crumbling edges of the building , a gate stops oncoming cars. Around the gate, guards patrol the road. Within the walls of the looming structure, lies a wild collection of priceless art. – The street was completely empty. The buildings rose from either side. The pavement was lined with rubbish. […]

Ethos I think that facial hair plays a large factor in secondary education. Facial hair discriminates between a student and a teacher. This is a recognised power relationship and should not be undermined. A teacher needs to be listened to and respected as a superior. A teacher can feel threatened or challenged which would effect […]

Nineteen Eighty-Four, a glimpse at a dystopian future, but more importantly, a possible future. Winston, who lives in London, Oceania, is the protagonist in the story who lives under the marxist/totalitarian state with the rest of the community. The state upholds marxist trends of categorising and controlling the people. The author George Orwell writes this […]

(Complexity of their ruling) One part – The Dulling down of language (Newspeak) to leave people emotionless and controlled.

Sporting Achievements backed by wealth Performance enhancing drugs advertised in equipment format


‘The Soldier’ – Rupert Brooke That the place they are talking about will always be England, he is making it England and it will be like that forever. Fighting for it. To me, the tone of the poem is (self) understanding and proud. The writer is explaining this setting with pride and honour of England […]

It is winter, out at sea a rickety sailboat is a ball, tossed between waves in a schoolyard game. Cold and icy, the water is a weapon, loaded and lethal. Pale moonlight is the only illumination, turning masts into monsters and bags into bodies, maybe they’re real. A cramped cabin is hidden below deck, strewn […]