The Great Gatsby, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Winter Dreams, The Ice Palace. Using these 4 texts written by F. Scott Fitzgerald I will explore and explain significant connects throughout them. Fitzgerald tends to leave similarities in different texts through the likes of characters, techniques, themes etc. In this essay I will be discussing […]

In David Fincher’s film “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, the nature of life plays a huge role as a main theme throughout the movie. The way of Benjamin’s life is an unusual concept and it is so abnormal yet so alike to everyone else at the same time. The nature of life is conveyed […]

When I was younger one of the main messages that my parents taught me was to work hard. They made sure that I knew not everything came so easy and once I grew up I would have to work to attain things. I never really thought much about it as a kid, I just did […]

Winter Dreams The Great Gatsby The protagonists character type: Dexter is originally from the Mid West he started off not very wealthy as a golf caddy, he meets Judy Jones, quits being a caddy so he can get money and win her over. Dexter goes to college and after makes money by starting a launder […]

This essay discusses the falsity of the American Dream through Fitzgerald portraying setting. I will talk about three settings throughout this essay: The Valley of Ashes, East Egg, and West Egg. These settings will be explained and illustrated with examples from the text. The Valley of Ashes will represent the people who work for the […]

Daisy Buchanan Daisy was originally from Louisville, Kentucky. During WW1 she met Gatsby, fell in love and promised to wait for him until he got back from the war. But while he was away her family pressured her into marrying Tom Buchanan who was wealthy. Daisy changed a lot once she reunited with Gatsby, her […]

Nick Carraway Nick was originally from Minnesota. He moved to New York in a small house next to Gatsby’s mansion and joined the bonds business. While he was in New York he reunited with his cousin Daisy and also met her husband Tom Buchanan and friend Jordan Baker. Over the text Nick changes throughout the […]

Jay Gatsby Jay Gatsby (32) originally known as James Gatz, was brought up in North Dakota in his poor family, he went to St Olaf College but soon dropped out as he didn’t like working as a janitor. After this he went to Lake Superior and met a man named Dan Cody who became his […]