Daisy Buchanan

Daisy was originally from Louisville, Kentucky. During WW1 she met Gatsby, fell in love and promised to wait for him until he got back from the war. But while he was away her family pressured her into marrying Tom Buchanan who was wealthy. Daisy changed a lot once she reunited with Gatsby, her whole life was changed. Before Jay met with her, she was bored and also fighting with Tom about his mistress, once her and Jay came back together she seemed to forget about everything and for a moment and just be with Gatsby. At first Daisy was excited and happy about meeting, then as the text comes along things start to get complicated between her Jay and Tom and she gets flustered when Jay starts saying things about her never loving Tom, this caused her to be confused but denied Gatsby. After this she decided to drive and that inevitably lead to Mertles death which made Daisy even more scared.   

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  1. Hi Angus,

    You have made some accurate observations about the characters in ‘The Great Gatsby’ but these are not supported by quotations from the text.

    Because of this, your observations lack depth and only skim the surface of each of the characters.

    Look to develop these ideas further.

    Mrs. P


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