Nick Carraway

Nick was originally from Minnesota. He moved to New York in a small house next to Gatsby’s mansion and joined the bonds business. While he was in New York he reunited with his cousin Daisy and also met her husband Tom Buchanan and friend Jordan Baker. Over the text Nick changes throughout the text in a few ways. One main point being that he is coming to New York for the first time so he is getting used to the city life and learning more about it. Also he discovers more and more about Jay, at first he doesn’t know what to think about the rumors and stories of Gatsby, but as he learns that almost all are true he warms up to him and his direct personality and thoughts come out more to the reader as he is the narrator. Even after finding out that Jay is becoming unstable in his quest for Daisy, he still stands by his side and respects him, this is pointed out when he goes to the funeral along with only a few others (including Henry Gats Jay’s father) and stays there beside him into the night whilst everyone else leaves.      



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