Jay Gatsby

Jay Gatsby (32) originally known as James Gatz, was brought up in North Dakota in his poor family, he went to St Olaf College but soon dropped out as he didn’t like working as a janitor. After this he went to Lake Superior and met a man named Dan Cody who became his mentor. He joined Dan on a ten year yacht trip and it was when he got back that he changed his name to Jay Gatsby. Jay was in training for infantry in WWI when he fell in love with Daisy. After the war he went to Oxford for 5 months but while he was there he received a letter from Daisy saying she had married Tom Buchanan, from then on Jay devoted himself to become rich for Daisy. At the start of the text Gatsby was mysterious and elusive, there were many rumors about him and they were hard to believe at first. Jay’s whole life is based around Daisy, once he reunited with her he became less stable but less mysterious more things were revealed about his past as we came through the text and most of the rumours proved to be true.     

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