19th June 2018

Winter Dreams

Winter Dreams The Great Gatsby
The protagonists character type:

Dexter is originally from the Mid West he started off not very wealthy as a golf caddy, he meets Judy Jones, quits being a caddy so he can get money and win her over. Dexter goes to college and after makes money by starting a launder chain. He meets with Judy again and is seeing her but she still has other lovers. Eventually Dexter moves on from Judy because she will never be entirely his. He starts seeing a girl named Irene Scheerer they are together for a while but Judy Jones comes back to Dexter in tears and he gets back together with her, dropping Irene. After a month Judy leaves Dexter which isn’t a surprise. Dexter joins the army and goes to war, afterwards he makes a load of money on Wall Street

Like Dexter, Gatsby is also from the Mid West and he came from a family that wasn’t very wealthy either. He meets a girl,  Daisy, and falls in love with her.

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